JC's Pie Pops

A labor of love and a little luck. JC’s Pie Pops began in my kitchen when a batch of my popular homemade panna cotta unexpectedly froze after my fridge went a little nutty. The “Oh No” turned into “Oh Yeah!” and JC’s Pie Pops were born. From there, we’ve brought the joy and taste of your favorite classic pies to a fresh, fun dessert with a modern twist. Enjoy the Happiness Inside.

JC's Nudies

I may be known for JC’s Pie Pops, but the frozen fun has just begun! One day I noticed how many of my creamy, dreamy undressed desserts were being gobbled up before I could coat them with their crunchy crusts. I knew I had to share this delicious discovery with the rest of the world, and that’s how JC’s Nudies (”naked” Pie Pops) were born! These smooth and swirly treats are light on calories and HUGE on sweet satisfaction. Another happy accident from JC’s... Discover your delight.

JC's Pie Bites

Meet the new truffles in town. Creamy and decadent on the inside with a punch of crunch on the outside, these JC’s Pie Bites are so poppable, they’re unstoppable! After my first creation, JC’s Pie Pops, became a favorite across the country, I decided to expand the yum beyond the freezer aisle with these tasty coated treats. So what are you waiting for? Take a bite!