Ask JC (FAQ)

Hi JC! What’s all the fuss about? What are these things??

Hi! JC’s Pie Pops are creamy, crunchy, INCREDIBLE all-new, all-natural frozen cream desserts. JC’s Nudies are “naked” Pie Pops with a unique swirl – light on calories, HUGE on sweet satisfaction. JC’s Pie Bites are our delicious twist on chocolate truffles. That's all I've got for now. You'll just have to taste for yourself :) 

Okay now I have to try some, but where can I find JC’s Pie Pops, JC’s Nudies, and JC’s Pie Bites?

JC’s Pie Pops are currently available in about 3,000 stores, but we're growing like crazy! JC’s Nudies are available at your nearest Fresh & Easy stores with hundreds of stores pending! JC’s Pie Bites are currently in 700 stores in the North East with many more pending! Yay! Click here for our store locator to find out where the nearest fix is! 

Wait! I don’t see JC’s products in my city and I’m freeeeaking out! WHAT DO I DO??

Don’t panic! There’s a solution to this problem. If you don’t see us in your area yet, click here to print out the store request form. All you have to do after that is fill it out (takes 2 secs) and bring it to your favorite grocery store on your next shopping trip. BELIEVE ME, THIS REALLY WORKS! We have gotten into SO many stores by customer request, so if you want to see JC’s products in a store near you, this is the fastest way to make it happen! Don't have a printer? No problem! Email us here and we'll send you one- we might even send a 50-cent off coupon if you're super nice and have perfect grammar (just kidding about the grammar part)!

Speaking of coupons... How do I get one???

Great question! We love to give coupons! Click here to fill out our coupon request form! Our customers are the best in the world! With our frequent promotions, we do our best to send coupons to diehard fans that already buy and love JC's Pie Pops, JC’s Nudies, and JC’s Pie Bites as well as to folks who haven't tried us yet and are looking for some savings. But, the best way to get in the coupon game is to like us on Facebook! We run fun promos and giveaways on our page pretty regularly!

I want to order JC's products online, when will I be able to?

We hear you! We're currently working on an online store for people who don't have JC's products in their area yet (remember, you can always fill out the short and simple Product Request form, too!). Our yummy treats will be available online soon!!! 

What other flavors of JC’s Pie Pops are coming?

After releasing our four new flavors (Mint Chocolate Cookie, Banana Cream, Key Lime, Caramel Turtle), I need a nap! They're so good, but the fun has just begun!!! Just wait till you see what I'm bringing you next (one hint- it's going to be delicious!).

I have a nut allergy. Are JC's Pie Pops made in a nut free facility?

We source ingredients from several different vendors in order to manufacture JC's Pie Pops in our facility. So, because we can't oversee the manufacturing practices of every single one of our vendors, we want to make sure our customers know that. That's why you see the statement "may contain traces of peanuts and tree nuts."  

To be safe, if you have severe nut allergies, you really should avoid any product that isn't specifically labeled as "nut free" and that includes our product.

How did you get JC's Pie Pops to look and taste like that while staying all-natural?

In a word… PATIENCE!! It took me months and months of painstaking kitchen tests to achieve that “just right” blend of flavors and textures...  all while using absolutely no artificial ingredients and the highest quality rBST-free dairy that I could find. And my work continues. I try very hard to source premium, non-GMO ingredients... and FYI we are currently non-GMO pending with the non-GMO project, and we are super excited to get verified soon!!!

Now that we're friends, what's the Creamy Inside made of?

Shhhhh I'll never tell! Okay fine, click here for a list of ingredients on our product page. Click on the flavor and the ingredients will pop up.

So you ARE non-gmo...

Hey! that's not a question, but I'll answer it anyway! Yes we are! in early 2014 we made the transition to non-gmo and we will continue with every future product we release!! 

Yum... future products! Do you have more delicious confections in development right now??

Yup! JC's Pie Pops are just the beginning. I just released JC's Nudies, "naked" Pie Pops with a unique swirl - light on calories, HUGE on sweet satisfaction. And it doesn’t end there… JC’s is taking over the candy aisle! JC’s Pie Bites are our delicious twist on chocolate truffles. I'm working on tons of NEW and innovative treats for you all every day, it's my number one priority to continue providing the yum!!! 

JC, one more question- How do I get my hands on some gear???

I don't blame you, they're super cute! All you need to do is to like us on Facebook and keep your eyes peeled for one of our many giveaways!! We do them as often as possible, so you'll get one sooner or later!

Thanks a bunch JC! Where can I go if I want to ask you any more questions???

Back at you! You can always email me at or click here, I always do my very best to answer any questions you may have. Good talk!