The consummate home chef and entertainer, Jennifer Constantine (universally known as "JC") quickly developed a following for her innovative frozen dessert pies. JC developed a breakthrough creamy recipe and combined it with crunchy, textured toppings inspired by traditional pie flavors which became JC's Pie Pops. After countless requests for special orders, JC had an "aha" moment that would allow her to make her tasty creations convenient and fast-portable for everyone. 


Staff members became obsessed with eating JC's Pie Pops before we're able to coat them . . . That's how JC's Nudies were born!


But it doesn't end there . . . JC's is taking over the candy aisle! JC's Pie Bites are our delicious twist on chocolate truffles. 


The JC's brand is in an exciting period of innovation and development, and we're committed to putting the FUN back in the dessert section!